Vinyes Mortitx

Escorca – Lluc

Vinyes Mortitx is considered one of the most emblematic vineyards and wineries in Mallorca thanks to the effort in the search for differentiation and expression that such a particular location brings. Located in the heart of the Serra de Tramuntana, halfway between Pollença and Lluc, what was an old Mallorcan “possessió” was reconverted in 2001 into one of the most innovative initiatives in the Mallorcan wine scene.

The height of the vineyards, located at 400 meters above sea level, and its orientation towards the sea, surrounded by mountains, generate its own microclimate with mild temperatures in summer and cold in winter, and a great thermal contrast between day and night. The “terroir” of the estate is very unique: calcareous, clayey and volcanic, providing a wealth of nuances and minerality.

It has 20 hectares of vineyards with which about 100,000 bottles per year are produced, including whites, rosés, reds and our unique sweet wine. The predominant white grape variety chosen is a centenary variety, the Malvasia. Other white varieties present in our wines are: chardonnay, muscat, riesling and the autochthonous variety Giró Ros. To elaborate the red and rosé wines, we use the noble varieties such as: syrah, merlot, cabernet Sauvignon, monastrell and the autochthonous varieties Callet and Gorgollassa.

The combination of traditional winemaking techniques with modernity is aimed at enhancing these three differential factors: location, “terroir” and climate, resulting in a wide range of wines that stand out for their freshness, minerality and rootedness to the land from which they come.

Address Ctra. Pollença-Lluc, Km.10,9

Telephone +34 971 53 38 89



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Vinos de la 'Terra de Mallorca'


Address Ctra. Pollença-Lluc, Km.10,9

Telephone +34 971 53 38 89